It’s critical to understand how Portfolios, Programmes, Projects, Products and Problems — the 5Ps — fit together and how to navigate them in your career. Start here.

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It’s the new gold rush — product management — but products are not new.

The Gutenburg Bible, the first genuine product, was released in 1455. It wasn’t the first printed book — the Chinese managed this in the 9th Century — but it was the first book planned as a…


If you are trying to develop your skills, here’s how you should be learning.

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Why is workplace learning important?

We live in a world that’s changing quickly. Some of the myriad trends that are changing the workplace include an increasing reliance on innovation and transaction platforms, the rise of automation to replace people, cloud technologies


If you keep this simple matrix in mind, you will rarely make poor decisions about the opportunities in your career

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We’re often faced with decision points in our careers, some large and some very small:

  • Paying to do some training yourself
  • Asking to go on a training course
  • Whether to take a new assignment
  • Volunteering your professional or private time to a project
  • How to spend that free hour that…


Why you’re in danger of wasting your training budget without a curriculum in place

My niece spent some time with us recently, visiting from Hong Kong. If you’ve ever been to Hong Kong, or seen it on TV, you’ll know that it has more high rise buildings than just about…


Here is a list of great books and blogs on the process of learning that apply to corporate learning and development, all of which are well-researched and evidenced.

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Why learn about learning?

I have long had a passion for professional learning and have been involved in the professional education of project, programme and product…

John Davidson

John is a program manager with a passion for coaching. He writes about the 5Ps — Portfolios, Programs, Projects, Products and Problems, for home and work.

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